Prints - Jonathan Crosby

Standard Prints

Standard Prints

Standard prints are available in a large variety of sizes and crops, including panoramic sizes. Printed on Kodak Professional Metallic Paper, prints will stand out with this glossy finish and unique metallic appearance producing a stiking, almost three dimensional image with extreme sharpness, brightness and color saturation. Standard prints come as a print only, ready to mat and frame to your liking.

Float Mounted Metal Prints

Metal Prints

Metal Prints are printed directly on a sheet of specially coated aluminum. These prints are highly durable, waterproof, and scratch-resistant. Metal Prints have extreamly vibrant colors and show incredible detail. Each Metal Print comes backed with a foam float mount, making these stunning prints appear to float off the wall. Metal Prints do not need to be framed, as they come ready to hang directly from your wall as soon as you receive the print.


About Me

Primarily a landscape photographer originally from Oregon, Jonathan has traveled up and down the west coast, over to the east and as far overseas as Cambodia. Having also lived at the Grand Canyon South Rim for many years, he has had vast opportunities to photograph the many scenes and seasons throughout the years spent in the areas of Grand Canyon, Moab, Bryce, Zion and many more. With a love for the outdoors, his travels frequently take him and his wife Kelsey on numerous adventures each year, be them local day trips or week long adventures.

With a family of photographers surounding him, Jonathan expanded his knowledge in photography through years of experience. From a very young age Jonathan frequently held a camera in hand. Capturing those moments around him, he has always enjoyed sharing those sights with friends and family.

In 2005, Jonathan Crosby, his Father Douglas, and Grandfather Howard established a family business, thus beginning Jonathan's professional work as a landscape photographer. Shortly after, Jonathan moved to the Grand Canyon South Rim, and his photography work began to erupt in local attention. In the coming years, Jonathan established his own business in Arizona and began expanding his sales to local retailors and events. Many thanks go out to those businesses as they provided an enormous encouragement and a kick start for JonathanCrosbyPhotography. After nearly a decade living at the Grand Canyon, Jonathan made a move to Colorado and continues to persue landscape photography to this day.

As his friends and family know, Jonathan's camera is always capturing moments surrounding, so there are many more photographs than posted here on Please visit him on Facebook to see more and keep up to date on new additions.

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